The reason why any customer chooses a supplier is because of quality and reliability and also prompt delivery. In this arena we can assure you that we are ahead of our competitors. You can depend on us!


We entered the market with one just one idea and that is to never compromise on quality. Thus the products we choose are the best that we can lay our hands on. You can bet your bottom dollar on that! We promise quality with service.


Sri Lanka is an emerging market after the conclusion of hostilities that ravaged the country for thirty years or so. We want to be a part of the 'get up and go' mindset that's gripped Sri Lanka of late. We want to make our contribution to the development of the country.


We are a hardworking and imaginative team of men and women wishing to be successful in our chosen field with honesty and integrity. We want to be remembered for our service and on that account we want to create a name for ourselves. We want to achieve this with sincerity of purpose.

About Us

Sri Lanka is a leading garment producer and exporter. Its main buyers are the U.S. and Europe. Some of the biggest name in fashion garments are produced in Sri Lanka and exported to end markets in the west. We too have joined the export fray and presently stock quality garments that include gents garments, ladies garments and children garments at competitive prices.

We are in business for just about a year but we already have won the confidence of our customers. We strongly believe that the customer is king and we spare no pains to satisfy our customers. We have a band of young men and women dedicated to serve the customer. Combine that with a dedicated team of management and you have all the assurance that your needs will be met with alacrity and sophistication. In short you will have no regrets when you deal with us.


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